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“The level of professionalism and talent that JoBeth Eckerman provides as a Shaman, Soul Coach, Reiki Master-Teacher, Educator is unbelievable! Having been a client of hers for over 15 years, I am consistently impressed by her expert healing ability, compassion, non-judgment and "realness". I am so grateful to JoBeth for helping not only me but my other family members, as well, over all these years.  Thanks JoBeth. Thank you for being YOU!”
Jonathon M, School of Psychology, Seattle University
“I have known JoBeth Eckerman for more than 8 years as both a colleague in the healing arts profession and as a personal friend.   
    I am the owner of Aspire Healing Arts School in Yakima, Washington. I have worked with JoBeth as an instructor, board member and as a counselor for both students and our faculty.  She is intelligent, resourceful, enthusiastic and always very professional in how she conducts herself.  She has exceptional people skills and has always been well received by students and faculty, alike.   
    I would often call on JoBeth to develop new curriculum, customized to a particular topic and group of students.  She is incredibly adept at creating dynamic, experiential programs and is very good at engaging student participation in order to enhance their personal learning processes.  She stays very present to the group or person she is working with, is very authentic and therefore is able to easily address anything that arises at any moment in a classroom setting. 
    Over the past 7 years JoBeth has offered several continuing education courses.  I continue to receive rave reviews from many of the professionals who have taken these courses.  They tell me that her course content and teaching style are great and that they are able to integrate the information easily into their own work as healing arts professionals.  Her Reiki 1 & 2 Training has become a part of our massage therapy curriculum here at Aspire Healing Arts so students graduate as massage therapist and Reiki practitioners.
    JoBeth has a special and unique way of working with people and developing real connections that assist them in their own healing, personal development and self-awareness.  As the program director for a growing and successful educational facility, I often times sought (and deeply valued) JoBeth’s counsel and input students, faculty members and the future growth of our institute.
    Suffice it to say, I would highly recommend JoBeth because I am sure that she would be a very valuable asset to any educational organization." 
Ronda K, Aspire Healing Arts School, Yakima, WA
"I met JoBeth Eckerman in 2008 when I attended her Reiki I and II class in Kirkland, WA. I was immediately impressed by her attention to everyone present and her knowledge of the subject.  She created a safe, comfortable environment in the class, which encouraged me to continue my Reiki journey and receive master attunements from her later that year.
    I have also participated in JoBeth’s Advanced Healing Arts Program offered through the Yakima Valley Body Therapy Institute.  This course included Principles of Advanced Healing, Techniques to Access the Client’s Inner Healer, and Setting and Maintaining Sacred Healing Space among other topics. JoBeth’s knowledge and awareness of the class as a whole once again created an environment filled with warmth and support.  The clearness of her presentation helped me learn how to facilitate the highest healing opportunities for my clients, and her confidence in me helped me trust my abilities to do so.  
    I entered mentorship with JoBeth in April 2011 and it has been and still is a transforming journey.  JoBeth holds me to my highest ability.  She is a valuable partner in helping me release patterns that no longer serve me so that I can continue to fulfill my life’s purpose.  She seems to have a never-ending source of wisdom!"
Lori M, Reiki Master-Teacher, Maple Valley, Washington
"JoBeth is a very talented teacher/facilitator that has the innate ability to teach to the level of the class participants.  I have taken 4 different classes from JoBeth as well as audit the classes later on. I learn an immense amount of information with each class and love to audit the classes later as there is always more to learn."
Bobbie S, Mind, Body and What Matters, Yakima, Washington
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