JoBeth Eckerman - Shaman, Soul Coach, Educator, Reiki Master - . . . helping you live the life you choose, soul first
Soul Coaching Sessions with JoBeth
In 1969, a native american elder of the Colville Indian Tribe, told JoBeth's father that she not only had the soul of a shaman, but that she was also a "soul talker". He explained that JoBeth is able to "tune-into" the voice and consciousness of someone's soul. This tribal elder helped her perfect and hone this innate ability and today she uses it with clients in private sessions.
JoBeth is able to read the soul-pattern, lineage, history and information held at the level of the soul's memory of an individual. The information imprinted in the soul of each person is unique, fascinating and incredibly informative. By using this as a starting point for working much more deeply with a client, she is able to see patterns in their behaviors, psychology, relationships, beliefs and physical ailments.  
Working with the individual, at the level of their soul's consciousness, enables JoBeth to assist each client in discovering what's been limiting them on multiple levels and the purpose that that patterning holds for them. Then, by using a variety of advanced healing techniques, she is able to assist them in releasing those patterns and re-designing their lives while securing genuine, thorough and lasting healing. They are able to finally live the life they choose rather than a life that has been dictated by old beliefs, their sub-conscious and the painful portion of their soul's history.
Private sessions are anywhere from 90 minutes to a few hours in duration and can be conducted in person at JoBeth's home office, via phone or Skype.
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