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Fall Equinox
Medicine Wheel Event
A Weekend of Joy, Flow, Creativity & Community
The Labyrinth on HooDoo Mountain - North Idaho
In early July I was introduced to Lynn, her amazing property and gorgeous Labyrinth on HooDoo Mountain in North Idaho (thank you Pam and Sean!). She had heard about the Medicine Wheel we had created at our home and our Solstice Celebration a few weeks earlier and she asked if I would be interested in creating a Medicine Wheel around her Labyrinth. YES! I was beyond honored and placed my attention on the land and Labyrinth to ask what it would like us to do. I instantly saw our hearts and minds connected to the heart of the land, like colored ribbons of light. We were dancing, drumming, laughing, playing and working together. And the land was so happy! So, that’s the space that has been set for our time there for Fall Equinox. Whether you stay Friday through Sunday or just come for a few events, you’ll be connected into this energy. All you have to do is let it move through you, leading your heart and mind, letting it nourishing your soul.
We will be offering a variety of events: Creation and Activation of the Medicine Wheel on Friday evening, Drum Making for 4-5 hours on Saturday (contact JoBeth directly if you want to do either of these), Group Reiki, lots of time for connection and community-building and an Equinox Celebration on Saturday evening (followed by a Paella Feast ala Bruce). My intention is that we experience a sense of expanded consciousness, deepened personal awareness, joy and flow together throughout the weekend. While you are there it will be essential that you choose to participate only in the events that bring you joy and connection along with a sense of service, respect and appreciation.
Friday Evening 5:30-8pm – Medicine Wheel Creation and Activation
Participants will learn about the purpose and power of the Medicine Wheel, it’s use and it’s teachings. Together we will create and then activate the Medicine Wheel around the Labyrinth. Please bring an 18”x18” piece of red cloth. Patterned or not, either is fine as long as it’s red. Even a red bandana is fine. Also bring some good size rocks to place around the Wheel. Bring several of them because we’ll need quite a few to create the outer edge of the Wheel. A group Pot Luck will end our first evening. Please bring a dish to share.

Saturday 10-3pm – Native American Drum Making or Free for Reiki, Exploring, Connecting and Sharing
Contact JoBeth if you are interested in making a Native American Drum. Drum kits must be ordered ahead of time and take 3-5 days to arrive, so you’ll need to order them by Monday, September 17. I did just check online with my drum supplier and they are out of 18” drums so I need to call them and find out what the deal is because most people prefer that size.
4:30-6:30pm – Equinox Celebration around the Medicine Wheel
Harvesting the gifts and lessons of Summer and preparing for Winter. We will share in a co-creative Equinox event to bring ourselves consciously into Autumn 2018    . If you will not attend Friday evening’s event then please bring an 18”x18” piece of red cloth. When you arrive on Saturday, meet with JoBeth so she can explain what you’ll need to do with that cloth. 

7:30 – Paella Feast

Most of you know that one of the many gifts that Bruce has is his ability to create amazing and nourishing food. He will bring up his 36” Paella pan to create a traditional Spanish Paella. This is a dish that is at the heart of community, nurturing, connecting and sharing. It’s naturally gluten free and contains a special Spanish short grain rice, homemade chicken stock, chicken, shrimp, chorizo, sweet peppers, onions and peas along with the key ingredient, saffron, of course. He’ll also be making his fresh Caesar Salad. We’ll have some bread and I’ll provide a gluten free apple crisp for dessert. Please contact me to choose an item from a list of ingredients as each person will be asked to bring something to contribute to the Paella.

We will gather at the conclusion of both Friday and Saturday evenings with a fire and music. Bring your voices and instruments

Sunday 9-11am – Gift of Service to the Land
A part of this weekend event is being in Respect and Honor of the Land. We will be taking time to clear a few trails and assist Lynn in some projects around her property as a way of ‘giving back’ and showing our appreciation. Please bring work gloves, hoes, rakes, shovels, trimmers and loppers – no power tools, please.

11-noon – Drumming to close the weekend 
If you made a drum on Saturday, it will be ready to use. If you own a drum, please bring it. Lynn has a few drums and rattles for people to borrow.
Click here for an aerial view of the Labyrinth:
If you’re interested in seeing more photos and information about Lynn and her property you can join her Facebook group “A Wee Place in the Woods”
Camping is highly recommended so you can co-create community and enjoy the innate sacredness of the land all weekend. However, if you’d like to come for just one or two events, that’s fine too. Please make sure you arrive ahead of time, giving yourself plenty of time to relax and really enjoy the drive.
If you’re camping you will be able to choose from a variety of wonderful spaces around the property. You can choose an area to camp with others or a more secluded spot. If you have a camper, van or RV there will be a few special places for you to park and stay. You’ll need good walking/hiking shoes and layers, since the mornings and evenings will be chilly. Bring your own chair - table height is preferable because we will be eating meals together. And bring a blanket, if you’d like to sit on the ground during different events. As of September 7 bees are a bit of an issue but they are helping manage the mosquitos and flies, so we’ll be working with and around them, gently coaxing them away from food and events.
Lynn has several large camp stoves so you won’t need to bring yours. We will also have electricity.
BYO food and beverages for breakfasts and lunches, on Saturday and Sunday
Friday evening Pot Luck – Please bring a dish to share and BYO evening beverage
Saturday evening group Paella feed with Caesar Salad and GF Apple Crisp – Call JoBeth to pick from a list of ingredients to bring as your contribution. BYO evening beverage.
Please bring a cash donation, in whatever amount you feel represents what you gained from the weekend. There will be a ‘Donations’ bucket on site for you to put it in.
RSVP JoBeth at 425.823.4692 or by September 18th please
Please read the following information about the location and cell service. JoBeth’s cell phone does not have service so she will be unable to guide you in if you get lost:
Click here for a map: 

Only a few cell phone carriers have service up on HooDoo Mtn so once you set the address into your phone or onboard navigation system, don’t touch it. If you’re coming from Spokane/North Spokane you’ll be on county roads that run behind Mt Spokane, most of the way and the drive is really beautiful. If you’re coming from Post Falls or CdA you’ll come up Hwy 41. Once you’re on Spirit Lake Cutoff Rd (running east off of Hwy 41) you’re only 10 miles away. Look for the Panhandle Post sign on your left at Curtis Creek Rd, turn left there and take the next right at HooDoo Mountain Rd. Lynn’s property sits on the left 2.4 miles up. You’ll see a small sign that says, “A Wee Place” and “Labyrinth” at the first entrance just before a series of mailboxes with a sign “NO to Newport Smelter”. Pull in there and come find one of us so we can show you where to park, depending on how long you’ll be staying.

Lynn’s Cell number is: 208.661.9595 but please be respectful of the fact that she doesn’t always have her phone with her and may not be available to guide you in either.
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